Future of Development Environment Management

Daytona is the enterprise-grade GitHub Codespaces alternative for managing self-hosted, secure and standardized development environments.

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Experience the Future of Development Environments Management.

Daytona supports Dev Containers and works with any IDE or Git provider. You can self-host it on your own infrastructure and immediately benefit from high-density workspaces.

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With Daytona

Say Goodbye to Vendor Lock-In and Hello to a Standardized, Scalable, and Secure Development Experience

Accelerate development velocity, automate your development workflow, and manage development environments with ease.

Self-Host Your Development Environment

Keep code away from laptops and move complete environments to a secure and centralized environment under your control. Keep your source code and artifacts safe within your network. Take control of your artifact and package repositories, and choose which ones are visible to your team.

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Support Tools Devs Already Know and Love

Leverage the full power of the favorite code editors - whether it's Visual Studio Code, JetBrains or Vim. Enable your developers to work from any device with a web browser or effortlessly hand off the work to their desktops.

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Take advantage of Git Provider Flexibility

No matter whether you choose GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket as your preferred Git provider, Daytona seamlessly integrates into your software development ecosystem and supports the Git service you decide to grow with.

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Solve Dev Environment Set-Up, Scalability, and Security Woes!

Daytona maximizes developer velocity and happiness, streamlines development processes, and increases productivity. It's a win-win for everyone!

  • Boost Developer Productivity

    Daytona automates Dev Environment Orchestration and Management, optimizing developers' efficiency and reclaiming up to 56% of lost productivity.

  • Accelerate Development Velocity

    With SDEs and automated workflows, Daytona enhances developer velocity, boosting productivity and ensuring business success and timely delivery of high-quality software.

  • Enhance Security and Control

    Prioritizing security, Daytona offers fine-grained code access controls and comprehensive dependency management, safeguarding your projects and sensitive data from potential threats.

  • Enable Instant Contribution

    Streamline onboarding and empower developers from the get-go! Daytona's Slash-Hash-Code allows developers to start coding instantly by simply typing "/#" and the name of Git repository to open a new dev workspace.

  • Scale Resources as Needed

    Developers can work efficiently, regardless of project scale, local machine or laptop constraints, thanks to Daytona's flexible resource management.

  • Empower Efficient Collaboration

    Daytona enables seamless collaboration and real-time previewing of development environments for efficient feedback cycles.

They Are Backing Our Vision to Shape the Future of Development

  • Provisioning development environments remains to be a pain. Existing solutions focus too much on remote environments somewhere in 'the cloud'. Daytona's approach is much smarter – help the developer in any environment, remote or local.
    Jernej Strasner
    Jernej Strasner
    Director of Engineering at Sentry
  • Once I saw Daytona's architecture and its ability to self-host and run anywhere, it became a clear winner for me – way better than anything I saw before.
    Ilya Lyamkin
    Ilya Lyamkin
    Cloud Infra & Dev Tools at Spotify
  • At last, we can standardize development environments to function more like a well-oiled machine than bespoke artworks. This lets devs spin up and shut down environments seamlessly, avoiding configuration drift.
    Shawn Wang
    Shawn Wang
    Writer, Speaker, Developer Advocate
  • The industry has chosen the cloud as the premier place to distribute software, but space for building software is wide open. Daytona is uniquely positioned to own this space and I want to be a part of that revolution.
    Brian Douglas
    Brian Douglas
    Founder and CEO, Open Sauced
  • I'm super excited about Daytona, they're solving a key problem for any at scale organization like Snyk: how do I make it easy for my developers to get up and running, context switch, and spend more time in flow instead of chasing environment mismatches.
    Ian Livingstone
    Ian Livingstone
    Director of Engineering, Snyk
  • It was so simple to clone a GitHub repository, make edits, and run the pre-commit checks—all within the SDE with my browser as the interface! As an ML engineer and scientist, I'm excited how standardized environments will make collaboration more productive.
    Eugene Yan
    Eugene Yan
    Senior Applied Scientist at Amazon

Asked Questions

  • How does Daytona work?

    Daytona is a revolutionary Development Environment Management (DEM) platform that simplifies the way developers work. It leverages Docker, Kubernetes, and Dev Containers to provide a seamless user experience. With Daytona, developers can easily create, manage, and share Standardized Development Environments (SDE) that are scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Its off-the-shelf infrastructure components and support for the Dev Container (devcontainer.json) standard ensure a hassle-free installation and a seamless user experience. Daytona streamlines collaboration, enhances productivity, and improves security, making it an ideal choice for modern software development.

  • How do I use Daytona?

    To get started with Daytona, we recommend scheduling a call with our experts who can provide you with a personalized demo and walk you through all the details. Our team will guide you on how to set up and use Daytona effectively, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the platform and its features. This personalized session will give you the opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have and explore how Daytona can address unique development needs of your organization.

  • What is Development Environment Management (DEM)?

    This is the process of creating and managing the necessary development environment, either within an enterprise or on the cloud, equipped with the requisite tools and setup needed by the development team. It includes provisioning and configuring development environments, integrating disparate tools into cohesive workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and ensuring consistency across different teams and projects. Continual support, troubleshooting, backup, and recovery services are integral components of managing the development environment. Through standard practices and automation, DEM ensures that all development personnel have access to a consistent, standardized, and secure environment, thereby enhancing productivity and streamlining the software development process.

  • How does Daytona help developers be more productive?

    Daytona helps developers be more productive by providing a standardized and scalable development environment platform. With Daytona, developers can easily set up their development environments and access them from anywhere, eliminating the need to spend time configuring local machines. By automating the setup and maintenance of development environments, Daytona allows developers to focus on their core work, reducing the time spent on non-productive tasks. With its emphasis on scalability and flexibility, Daytona provides a secure and efficient solution that meets the unique needs of businesses, enabling you to accelerate development velocity.

  • What security features does Daytona provide to safeguard company work and data?

    Daytona provides the flexibility to be self-hosted or hosted in an air-gapped environment, allowing businesses to maintain complete control over their work and data security. By offering this option, Daytona enables organizations to meet their specific security requirements and adhere to strict compliance regulations. Whether deployed on-premises or in a managed environment, Daytona ensures that company work and data remain secure and protected.

  • Can Daytona be used with any IDE or Git repository?

    Yes, Daytona is truly vendor agnostic and it can be used with any IDE or Git repository. Daytona is the future of hybrid development environments. It is designed to be flexible and compatible with various development tools and workflows. Whether you prefer using VS Code, IntelliJ, Eclipse, PyCharm, or maybe Vim or Emacs, Daytona can seamlessly integrate with your preferred environment. It also supports Git repositories, allowing you to easily collaborate and manage your code with your team. With Daytona, you have the freedom to work with your preferred tools while benefiting from its standardized development environments.

  • Is Daytona available for individual developers?

    As of now, Daytona is not available for individual developers. It is primarily designed for teams and enterprises. However, there are plans to open source Daytona in the future, which would potentially allow individual developers to access, contribute to and utilize it. Additionally, there are plans to provide a SaaS option, which could further expand the availability of Daytona to a wider range of users. Join our waitlist and stay tuned for updates on the availability of Daytona for individual developers.

  • Is Daytona available for teams and companies?

    Yes, Daytona is specifically designed for teams and companies. It offers a scalable and secure development environment platform that addresses common pain points in the industry. With its focus on scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, Daytona can meet the unique needs of teams and companies of all sizes. It provides a seamless user experience and accommodates thousands of users on cost-effective infrastructure. Whether you have a small team or a large enterprise, Daytona can help you in balancing development velocity, efficiency, and quality of your development teams.

  • How does Daytona improve collaboration between team members?

    Daytona eliminates the notorious "but it works on my machine" issue by improving collaboration between team members through a standardized and centralized development environment. With Daytona, team members can work in a unified environment, reducing compatibility issues and ensuring consistent code quality. It enables seamless sharing of development environments, allowing easy collaboration and faster onboarding for new members. Real-time collaboration features further enhance productivity and efficiency by enabling simultaneous work on the same project. Also, Daytona provides preview links that allow faster collaboration between developers and management (or QA team). Overall, Daytona fosters a collaborative development culture, streamlining teamwork and eliminating barriers to effective collaboration.

  • Can I self-host Daytona?

    Daytona is available as a self-hosted or managed platform offering options for secure air-gapped deployments. This means that organizations have the flexibility to host Daytona on their own infrastructure or in their preferred environment. However, at this time, self-hosted options are not available for individual developers.

  • Can I use both a desktop IDE and a browser editor with Daytona?

    Yes, with Daytona, you have the flexibility to use both a desktop IDE and a browser-based editor. Daytona is designed to support a variety of development workflows and allows developers to choose the tools that work best for them. You can continue using your preferred desktop IDE, such as Visual Studio Code, while also utilizing the convenience of a browser-based editor when needed. This flexibility enables seamless collaboration and ensures that developers can work in the environment that suits their preferences and requirements.

Spend less time configuring and more time creating.