New Features for Enhanced Dev Experience

New Features for Enhanced Dev Experience New Features for Enhanced Dev Experience

In the recent update, version 0.49.0, Daytona has made several bug fixes and introduced new features to enhance the development experience. On the bug fix side, improvements have been made to the error handling and logs of the workspace-cli. The workspace-cli now waits for workspace SSH to start before running in code, ensuring smooth operation.

Additionally, the content type header for proxy requests in the workspace-supervisor has been set. As for the new features, the workspace-cli now alerts the user when they try to exceed the maximum workspace limit. It also handles various operations such as fmt printing, default error handling for workspace creation, and prompts in a more efficient manner.

The list display in the workspace-cli has been updated to be similar to docker ps, providing a clearer view. Unnecessary error logs while polling have been removed. Furthermore, version 0.49.1 includes a bug fix in the workspace-provisioner regarding storage, specifically addressing a 50GB storage issue. These updates reflect Daytona's commitment to continually improving their platform and providing a seamless development environment.