New UI, Project configuration options, bugs squashed

New UI, Project configuration options, bugs squashed New UI, Project configuration options, bugs squashed


feat: container registry credentials by @Tpuljak in #415

feat: add warning when revoking api keys by @Tpuljak in #407

feat: add user property to project by @Tpuljak in #422

feat: multi project creation ux by @idagelic in #424

feat: agent logs by @Tpuljak in #432

feat: project post start commands by @Tpuljak in #430

feat: implement the docker client package by @Tpuljak in #433

feat: advanced project configuration in cli by @idagelic in #429

feat: enable configuration of other server properties by @lbrecic in #442

feat: remove project logs from workspace logs by @Tpuljak in #464

feat: tui redesign by @idagelic in #465

feat: shorter workspace IDs by @Tpuljak in #475

feat: remove server border by @idagelic in #477

feat: move commands out of the server namespace by @Tpuljak in #481

feat: frpc health check by @Tpuljak in #445

feat: daytona create format by @idagelic in #480

feat: serve verb, daemon default by @idagelic in #483


fix: close file in the ChmodX func by @testwill in #414

fix: project DTO conversion by @Tpuljak in #419

fix: get agent api client from config by @Tpuljak in #420

fix: repo branch clone by @Tpuljak in #421

fix: required project name by @idagelic in #426

fix: daytona list panic by @idagelic in #425

fix: headscale grpc regression by @Tpuljak in #437

fix: remove workspace dir env by @Tpuljak in #440

fix: ide project path by @Tpuljak in #441

fix: add tailscale connection timeout by @Tpuljak in #443

fix: use gitprovider username when cloning a repo by @Tpuljak in #457

fix: wait for server to start in daemon mode by @Tpuljak in #448

fix: workspace exists check by @idagelic in #472

fix: workspace logs retry by @Tpuljak in #479

Breaking Changes

The target, provider and container-registry commands are now at the root of the CLI. (#481)

The Daytona server is now started in the foreground with the command daytona serve. Starting the server in daemon mode is now achieved with daytona server (-y). (#483)

Users should run daytona server configure (after starting the server with daytona serve) and update the Default Container User to daytona and Default Post-start Commands to sudo dockerd. (#430, #422). Additionally, users should update the Docker provider to the latest version with daytona provider update

Because of the change to generating workspace IDs (#475), users will no longer be able to connect to existing workspaces after they upgrade. We suggest deleting all workspaces before upgrading to v0.13.0.

daytona create now takes a Git repository as an argument and creates a workspace from it. If users wish to override the name of the workspace, they can use the --name flag. (#480)

For more information on Daytona v0.13, refer to the GitHub release page.