Paved Road

The term "Paved Road" refers to a recommended path for building and running systems within an organization, with tooling and documentation provided by central platform teams. It is less opinionated than a Golden Path and offers fewer constraints on developers. The concept of Paved Road was popularized by companies like Netflix, who provide a standardized set of tools, frameworks, and services to developers.

The Paved Road acts as a guidance mechanism that enables developers to navigate the complexities of the development process more easily. It offers a streamlined and standardized onboarding experience, reducing the time and effort required to start contributing to projects. While it provides recommendations and best practices, it also allows developers the flexibility to innovate and find solutions that suit specific problems.

By following the Paved Road, developers can benefit from the expertise and experience of central platform teams, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring consistency in the development process. It simplifies decision-making, reduces fragmentation, and fosters collaboration among developers. The Paved Road also facilitates faster onboarding for new hires, as it removes obstacles and undifferentiated heavy lifting, allowing developers to focus on writing code and delivering value.

Overall, the Paved Road provides a well-defined path that allows developers to navigate the development lifecycle efficiently and effectively, ensuring consistency, productivity, and satisfaction within an organization.