SSH keys

SSH keys are a pair of cryptographic keys used for secure communication and authentication purposes in the context of SSH (Secure Shell) protocols. They ensure secure access to remote servers and systems by establishing a secure and encrypted connection over an insecure network. An SSH key pair consists of two components:

1. Public key: This is the key that is safely shared and can be freely distributed to any remote system the user wishes to access. It is used to encrypt messages that only its corresponding private key can decrypt.

2. Private key: This key remains confidential and is kept secure by the user. It is used to decrypt messages encrypted by the matching public key and to authenticate the user to the remote system.

The use of SSH keys eliminates the need for passwords, significantly reducing the risk of brute force attacks and other common security vulnerabilities associated with password-based authentication. They are commonly used by system administrators and by individuals for secure file transfers, remote system maintenance, and automated processes.