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Cluster Installation

At the moment if you want to install Daytona in cluster mode, reach out to book a demo call with us and we will assist you with the installation.

Our Daytona ‘Enterprise Solution is a fully scalable and secure development environment management solution - capable of allowing constructive and flowing work across multiple development teams.

You will have access to the following features as part of your Daytona instance:

  • All features from Daytona Core (Single Node)
  • Identity and access management
  • Scalability / Resource allocation - cluster support (K8s)
  • Distributed storage support
  • Secure development environments / workspace Isolation - VM, Sysbox etc.
  • Quota and limits management (workspace sizes, active workspaces limits per user etc.) to ensure best use of team resources.
  • Teams support
  • Team projects - manage and share pre built environments across team members
  • Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket - Enterprise / Self-hosted versions support
  • Audits and monitoring/observability

User Type: Global Admin

  • Add/Remove Users on global scope
  • Enable/Disable Workspace Classes on global scope
  • By default, the user that created the team is the ‘Owner’
  • Ownership can be transferred to another team member
  • There can only ever be one team Owner
  • The Owner has access to Delete the team or change its Name

User Type: Team owner

  • Add/Remove Users (in Team scope)
  • Enable/Disable Workspace Classes (in Team scope)
  • There is currently no limit to the number of Admins within the team
  • Admins can manage team members, meaning they can invite, remove and change their role within the team.

User Type: Team Member

  • Workspace management
  • Environment variables
  • User preferences (like default IDE)
  • Allowed SSH Keys
  • Regular User within the Team
  • A ‘consumer of available resources’ with no ‘management access to the team space’