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IDEs Usage

Supporting IDEs

Daytona is truly vendor agnostic and it can be used with any IDE or Git repository. Daytona is the future of hybrid development environments. It is designed to be flexible and compatible with various development tools and workflows. Whether you prefer using any of the below examples, Daytona can seamlessly integrate with your preferred environment.

It is possible to select your Default IDE from within your Daytona:

  • Go do ‘Settings’ from the left hand sidebar
  • Go to Default Editor
  • Select your preferred Default IDE

IDEs play a crucial role in modern software development by providing a centralized and efficient environment for developers to create, test, and deploy their applications.

You can find instructions on how to connect our supported IDE’s by following the instructions below:

  • For ALL - go to your Dayton and select ‘Workspaces’
  • Select the (…) Ellipsis on the relevant Workspace
  • Select ‘Open’ from the dropdown list
  • Select your IDE provider
  • Select ‘Open’ on your chosen ID Provider