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TL;DR: Daytona served as the official development environment for the CODE100 competition during the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, providing a reliable and standardized platform for contestants to code without a complex setup.


It isn't every day that you find yourself at the heart of a global software development event, but that's exactly where we found ourselves during the CODE100 competition at the renowned WeAreDevelopers World Congress. As providers of the development environment for this high-stakes coding contest, we were excited and nervous, knowing that technical glitches often accompany technology demos at live events. Fortunately, everything went off without a hitch, and the event was a huge success.

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress is one of the largest annual gatherings of software developers and tech leaders. This year, the event gathered more than 10.000 developers and featured keynote speakers such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and John Romero, creator of classic video games like DOOM and Quake.

The CODE100 Competition

The highlight of the 2023 WeAreDevelopers World Congress was the CODE100 competition, an intense coding challenge that pitted 100 developers against each other in a battle of skills.

Contestants were given complex coding problems and had to deliver working code. The competition tested their ability to work under immense pressure and deliver quality results at breakneck speed.

The CODE100 competition unfolded over several stages, each featuring a unique challenge:

  • Playoffs: Cut from 100 to 32 contestants via a multiple-choice quiz

  • Round 1: On-stage quiz reduced 32 to 16 finalists

  • Round 2: Team buzzer quiz cut field to 8

  • Round 3: Randomly matched pair programming challenge brought four teams to the semi-finals

  • Round 4: Solo coding semi-finals selected the top 2 coders

  • Round 5: Final solo coding duel determined the winner

As described by winner Felix Wotschofsky in his article "Reflections on Winning CODE100", the on-stage rounds were thrilling but nerve-wracking. The live environment and tight time pressure tested coders' abilities to perform under immense stress.

Daytona's Role as the Official Development Environment

As a standardized development environment platform, Daytona served as the official platform for the CODE100 contestants. Our standardized environment provided a level playing field, with every coder accessing the same tools and features through our cloud IDE.

Daytona enabled real-time coding, collaboration, and automation throughout the competition, empowering the developers to focus on solving problems vs. environment setup. The preconfigured workspaces skipped the tedious configuration steps, allowing participants to maximize their precious minutes.

Delivering Reliability and Productivity Under Pressure

The pressure was on for Daytona to deliver a flawless experience under the demands of a live global event. With all eyes on the stage and coders relying completely on our platform, even the slightest technical glitch could have been disastrous.

During the event, Daytona proved up to the challenge and empowered participants to focus purely on the coding tasks. By providing a reliable, lag-free coding environment, our platform eliminated distractions and enabled coders to enter flow states amidst the intense on-stage pressures.

Having the opportunity to observe the CODE100 competition in person showcased the significant value of standardized development environments. Daytona simplified the setup process, effectively allowing participants to focus on showcasing their pure coding abilities.

As we found ourselves at the center of this fierce competition, we were committed to ensuring our platform was reliable and available. Seeing Daytona rise to meet this challenge was truly rewarding.

Takeaways from the Winner

Wotschofsky attributed his victory to pragmatism. His advice included sticking to familiar tools, minimizing assumptions, and focusing energy on your work vs. others' progress.

"As soon as I got coding, I didn't have any second thoughts about the environment. Daytona just worked flawlessly, and I felt right at home. Also, knowing I'd have a full Linux environment at my fingertips gave me that extra bit of confidence going into the competition."

Felix Wotschofsky, CODE100 victor

If you want to witness the thrilling moments of the CODE100 competition, check out the recording on YouTube.


We witnessed firsthand how Daytona augmented coders' skills by removing distractions. The lessons learned from CODE100 will help us continue enhancing the platform better to support developers in stressful environments with tight delivery schedules. We aim to provide an SDE that is an asset rather than a liability during coding crunches.

Our ultimate goal is to optimize the development process so builders can create great software. We look forward to the road ahead!

Key takeaway points:

  • The CODE100 competition at the WeAreDevelopers World Congress was a high-stakes coding challenge that tested developers' skills under pressure.

  • Daytona served as the official development environment, providing a reliable and standardized platform for contestants to code in real time.

  • The winner attributed their victory to pragmatism, utilizing existing code, and sticking to familiar tools. Daytona played a crucial role in their success by providing a seamless and powerful developer experience.

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