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Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Lucija Dragičević, the Executive Assistant at Daytona. With a background in marketing, a knack for social media, and a profound understanding of startup dynamics.

Sara offers a unique perspective on corporate growth and effective team management. Let's dive into her story and insights.

The Journey to Daytona

Sara's path to Daytona was shaped by her varied experiences and growing grasp of the business. Her marketing studies laid the groundwork, complemented by her involvement in projects like the student business incubator and Enterprise Europe Network, enhancing her entrepreneurial insight.

Working together at the University Technology Transfer Office, I witnessed how easily Sara blends complex concepts with real-world solutions. Inspired by a study trip to Norway, her leadership in the Spark* Split initiative further developed her insight into organizational challenges and startup dynamics.

Never hesitate to try something new or unconventional because every little experience adds up, creating new opportunities for you.

Sara Lucija Dragičević

A Conversation with Sara

Please tell us a bit about your role at Daytona and what drew you to this company.

As the first purely non-engineering hire at Daytona, I've had the challenge of bridging the gap between our technical teams and business operations. My role is multifaceted, from managing calendars and coordinating events to spearheading our operational strategies. What drew me to Daytona was the dynamic environment and the challenge of contributing to a rapidly growing company.

Your background in marketing and social media is impressive. Can you share some insights from managing accounts with such a substantial following?

One of the key takeaways is understanding your audience. Out of pure passion, I've grown a side social media account to 170,000 followers by consistently providing content that resonated with the community. It's all about engagement and crafting strategies that align with user interests while staying true to your brand's voice.

You’ve mentioned an interest in diverse cultures and have studied the Korean language. How do these interests influence your professional life?

Studying foreign languages and cultures, such as Korean, has shaped how I approach challenges and connect with people from various backgrounds. In today's remote world, being culturally sensitive and adaptable is pivotal. It plays a significant role in everything from networking to framing marketing strategies for diverse audiences.

Your experience in startups is extensive. Can you tell us about your involvement in student entrepreneurship?

My initial dive into the startup world began when I joined a student business incubator. Being in an environment brimming with individuals eager to transform their ideas into reality was truly thrilling. Later, while working at the University Technology Transfer Office, I got the chance to delve back into the startup scene by leading the Spark* Split initiative. Spark* Split was inspired by the Spark* NTNU model and aimed to establish a vibrant student business mentorship network. This was a free mentoring service, created by students for students with business ideas. Through Spark*, I organized numerous events, including a study visit to Norway.

As an advocate for continual learning and personal growth, what's your advice for aspiring professionals?

Never shy away from new opportunities, even if they seem intimidating at first. Every experience, whether it's learning a new language or navigating the dynamics of a startup, contributes to your professional growth. Stay curious and keep expanding your horizons.

What impact do you believe you've had at Daytona, and how do you approach your additional responsibilities, such as leading standups and handling Jira tasks?

I believe I've contributed positively to streamlining our operations, which can be seen in our improved internal communication. My role in leading standups and managing Jira tasks focuses on organization and clarity. As a connector between various segments of the company, I see it as important to keep everyone aligned and collaboratively moving forward.

How does that previous collaboration influence your work dynamics now?

Working previously with Niko at the University laid a great foundation for our current collaboration. There's a mutual understanding of each other's strengths and communication styles, which has been immensely beneficial at Daytona. And, it is always a positive thing to see a familiar face when you start somewhere new.

Finally, you seem eager to network and share your experiences. Where can people connect with you?

I would love to connect with anyone interested in startups, marketing, or just about any topic I've touched on today. You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter @saralucijad. Let's share experiences and shape the future together!

I have consistently given my all in everything I've undertaken since my student days, and this commitment has paid off many times over.

Sara Lucija Dragičević
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