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In software development, innovation and efficiency make all the difference. Vedran Jukic, the Co-founder and CTO of Daytona, is a seasoned engineer passionate about simplifying the development process. Vedran’s journey is marked by his relentless pursuit of creating seamless coding experiences and his strong belief in the power of standardized development environments.

I have always been driven by the desire to remove the fatigue from software development.

Vedran Jukic

The Journey to Daytona

Vedran's journey in the dev-tools software industry began quite early when he became interested in Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools and scaffolding. He created his own application generator that could produce an entire admin dashboard from a JSON configuration. This early experiment ignited his passion for developing software that simplifies developers' lives.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Vedran worked for a document management software company. He later took a break from software development to work as an IT manager for a bank. This experience broadened his understanding of the software industry and introduced him to his future business partner, Ivan Burazin.

While working at the bank, I met Ivan. I was drawn to his spirit and positive thinking. I asked him to be my co-founder for my side project - Codeanywhere.

Vedran Jukic

Codeanywhere was designed to provide developers instant access to their projects from any device, anywhere in the world. The project immediately gained traction, attracting users and investors, which led to their first investment and the creation of a new company.

The Vision for Daytona

Vedran's vision for Daytona is to revolutionize software development by leveraging the power of cloud-based infrastructure and the flexibility of the local development environment. He believes that by creating standardized development environments, developers can focus on what truly matters — creating software.

A Conversation with Vedran

Vedran, can you tell us about your journey to Daytona and your collaboration with Ivan?

My journey to Daytona has been incredibly exciting. It certainly hasn't been a linear path. After working for several years in the software industry, I took a break to work as an IT manager for a bank. That's where I met Ivan. His positive thinking and entrepreneurial spirit intrigued me, and I asked him to join me on my side project, Codeanywhere.

Codeanywhere was our first venture into cloud-based development environments. It was designed to give developers instant access to their projects from any device, anywhere in the world. We soon received our first investment and started a company, which laid the groundwork for Daytona.

How has your previous experience shaped your approach at Daytona?

My previous experience has taught me the importance of simplifying and streamlining the development process. I have always been interested in software design patterns, architecture, and automation. I learned that reinventing the wheel isn't the smartest idea. Instead, we should focus on improving existing tools and processes.

At Daytona, we are committed to this philosophy. We aim to create standardized development environments that enable developers to focus on their work and not worry about tedious setup and onboarding processes.

What factors have contributed to the creation of Daytona?

Daytona's true strength extends beyond its technological capabilities. It is based on our deep understanding of the B2B market's needs, a wealth of experience and insights gained over 13 years, and serving nearly 3 million users through Codeanywhere. This extensive history has enabled us to develop a completely new solution to meet the specific needs of businesses, ensuring that we deliver solutions that truly meet their needs.

I take immense pride in being part of this journey, creating a revolutionary platform that provides businesses with a secure, scalable, and flexible development environment. Daytona represents the next generation of development environments. I am convinced that our unique blend of technology choices and our history and vision keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Vedran, could you elaborate on the specific pain points in the software development industry that Daytona addresses, and how its solution is truly unique?

Daytona was built to address common pain points that developers face in their day-to-day work. We understand that scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility are crucial for businesses in the B2B market.

Daytona leverages industry standards like Kubernetes, Kata containers, and Longhorn to provide a seamless user experience and allow us to accommodate thousands of users on cost-effective infrastructure.

What sets Daytona apart is our unique approach to development environment configurations. Daytona is built to support multiple configuration standards such as the Dev Container standard, supported by Microsoft and used in popular tools like VS Code and Codespaces. Support for Nix and Devfile will follow in the upcoming releases. This choice ensures developers, especially newcomers, have an accessible and seamless user experience.

Additionally, Daytona offers installation flexibility by using off-the-shelf infrastructure components. Unlike some competitors, we don't require additional workarounds during installation, making it easier for customers who prefer non-AWS environments or require air-gapped self-hosted solutions to adopt our platform.

By decoupling infrastructure dependencies from the application logic, we can explore new technologies and partnerships in the future, ensuring that Daytona remains at the forefront of innovation. Daytona's value proposition lies in its ability to provide scalable, secure, cost-effective, and flexible development environments while leveraging cutting-edge technologies and offering installation flexibility. We believe this combination makes Daytona truly unique in addressing the specific pain points of the B2B market.

I learned early that reinventing the wheel is not always the smartest idea.

Vedran Jukic
Can you expand on your vision of the future of development?

My vision for the future of development revolves around creating a seamless and collaborative environment for developers. We can remove the barriers that hinder productivity and creativity by leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and standardized development environments. Automation and streamlined workflows will free up developers' time and mental energy, allowing them to focus on solving complex problems and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The future of development lies in empowering developers to unleash their full potential by simplifying the development process and creating an inclusive and transformative environment.

Could you share some fun facts about yourself outside of your professional environment?

Well, next to software development, I have a passion for cooking. There are some parallels between cooking and coding that I find intriguing. A kitchen is essentially a development environment - you need the right ingredients, tools, and setup to create something great.

I see a lot of similarities between optimizing a kitchen and optimizing a dev environment. You want to remove any friction and allow the chef or developer to focus on their craft. Just like Daytona aims to provide seamless dev environments, I try to organize my kitchen for maximum efficiency.

At Daytona, we often say that we eat our own dog food - almost every day! I love cooking meals for our team. There's something deeply satisfying about transforming raw ingredients into something others can enjoy. I feel the same way when I'm coding - starting with an idea and building it into something valuable is extremely rewarding.

So for me, cooking and developing have a lot in common. They both require passion, creativity and care to do well. And, of course, I love sharing the results with others! Whether it's a new application or a great meal, bringing ideas to life drives me.

What's your mantra as a software developer and leader?

My mantra is to "simplify and streamline the development process to empower developers and drive innovation." I believe that technology and business needs have converged at this point, and I am dedicated to developing tools and environments that enable developers to realize their full potential. I understand the importance of having the right tools and processes in place when creating. This extends to our vision for Daytona, where we strive to provide developers with a stress-free, impactful work environment.

I am excited and optimistic about Daytona's future and look forward to pushing the boundaries of software development. Here's to working together to create, code, and conquer!

You can also connect with me on Twitter.

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