NOV 15 2023 // 3 min read

Daytona CLI Now Available

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We're thrilled to announce that the Daytona Command Line Interface (CLI) is now readily accessible for all major operating systems. Seamlessly integrate Daytona into your existing workflow with the convenience of our CLI tool.

For macOS (or Linux, even WSL) Users:

Installation is a breeze using Homebrew:

1brew install daytonaio/daytona/daytona

Available Downloads:

No matter what operating system you use, we've got you covered. Download the CLI directly from:


Here are the available versions:

  • macOS (Intel/AMD): daytona-darwin-amd64

  • macOS (Apple Silicon): daytona-darwin-arm64

  • Linux (Intel/AMD): daytona-linux-amd64

  • Linux (ARM): daytona-linux-arm64

  • Windows (Intel/AMD): daytona-windows-amd64.exe

  • Windows (ARM): daytona-windows-arm64.exe

Get started with the Daytona CLI today and take your development workflow to the next level!

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