JAN 08 2024 // 3 min read

Daytona's Upcoming JetBrains Plugin

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Exciting developments are ahead for JetBrains users! Daytona is soon unveiling a JetBrains Gateway plugin that will revolutionize your development experience with secure and standardized dev environments.

A Glimpse at What’s Coming

Prepare for a seamless experience that amplifies productivity and collaboration:

  • Workspace Management: Toggle between projects effortlessly.

  • Integration: Direct profile access and command handling within your JetBrains IDE.

Stay Connected

Join our Daytona Community Slack for support and updates.

What’s Next?

Look out for our launch announcement with detailed integration steps and an exclusive look at the plugin features. Check out our blog soon for more info and watch for our plugin introduction video.

Anticipate a new era of coding efficiency that tackles the "works on my machine" challenge. Join us in the next step of developer experience enhancement with Daytona and JetBrains. Stay tuned!

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