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Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Ivan Dagelić, a talented software developer and engineer who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Daytona team. With a passion for simplifying complicated processes and creating intuitive applications, Ivan's career journey has been marked by his dedication to problem-solving and his drive to make a meaningful impact in the software development industry.

The Journey to Daytona

Ivan's journey in software development began at an early age, listening to courses and coding in elementary school. By the time he reached high school, he was already working on small IT projects, honing his skills and deepening his understanding of the field. This early exposure to coding set the stage for Ivan's future career in software development.

Throughout his career, Ivan has gained valuable experience in various areas of software development. He has led the development and maintenance of multiple local e-commerce projects, gaining a solid foundation in client communication and online business presence. He has also delivered software packages for business applications in university education and laboratory research management.

One notable project Ivan worked on was a multi-user demand-side management system for an electricity usage optimization startup. As part of this endeavor, he conducted research and led software engineering efforts, further expanding his expertise in the field.

Embracing Problem-Solving and Continuous Learning

Ivan's passion for problem-solving and continuous learning is evident in his career journey. He has always been curious and eager to understand how things work. This curiosity fuels his drive to simplify complicated processes and create intuitive applications that enhance user experiences.

I believe in simplifying complicated processes and making intuitive applications that empower users.

Ivan Dagelić

Ivan's mantra, "It is what it is," reflects his pragmatic approach to problem-solving. He acknowledges that challenges will arise, but he always focuses on finding solutions and moving forward.

A Conversation with Ivan

Ivan, can you tell us about your software engineer role and your previous field experiences?

Certainly! As a software engineer, I have worked on various projects and gained experience in different areas. I started by leading the development and maintenance of multiple local e-commerce projects. This allowed me to learn the basics of client communication and the importance of establishing an online business presence.

Later, I delivered software packages for business applications in university education and laboratory research management. This experience broadened my understanding of the software development process and the impact it can have on different industries.

I also participated in research and led software engineering for a multi-user demand-side management system in an electricity usage optimization startup. This project allowed me to dive deeper into optimizing energy distribution and develop my skills in backend development.

What programming languages and technologies have you primarily worked with?

I have primarily worked with PHP and JavaScript throughout my career. Most recently, I have been exploring Go and finding it powerful and efficient. I also have experience with C# and have done some embedded programming in C/C++. My coding experience has been diverse, and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to different languages and technologies.

What led you to Daytona?

I worked with the Daytona CTO, Vedran, on an IoT project solving autonomous mooring in marinas. As a full-stack software developer and UI/UX designer, I collaborated closely with Vedran to bring the project to life. This experience allowed us to build a strong connection and laid the foundation for our future collaboration.

Can you tell us about your role at Daytona and your responsibilities within the team?

As a software developer at Daytona, my role revolves around creating efficient and intuitive applications that meet the needs of our users. I work closely with the development team to design and implement software packages, ensuring optimized performance and a seamless user experience. My responsibilities include developing backend and user-focused apps like CLI and contributing to the team's overall software engineering efforts.

Ivan demonstrating the Daytona CLI
Ivan demonstrating the Daytona CLI
What excites you about the future of software development, and how do you think Daytona can shape this landscape?

The future of software development is constantly evolving, and I'm excited to be a part of it. Rapid technological advancements open up new possibilities and create new challenges we can tackle. I believe that Daytona has the potential to shape this landscape by providing innovative solutions that simplify complex processes and enhance developer productivity. By delivering intuitive and efficient applications, we can empower developers to focus on what they do best - writing great code.

Can you share a fun fact or memorable experience from your life journey?

One fun fact from my journey is that when I was 12 years old, I had a Facebook page about Dragon Ball Z that gained over 110,000 likes. It was an incredible experience to connect with fellow fans and share our love for the series. This remains a fond memory of my early foray into online communities as I have learned the power of community and connecting with others.

Finally, what advice would you give aspiring software developers looking to make their mark in the industry?

My advice would be never to stop learning and exploring. The field of software development is constantly evolving, and it's crucial to stay up to date with the latest technologies and trends. Embrace curiosity, problem-solving, and continuous learning. Seek opportunities to work on diverse projects and expand your skill set. And most importantly, have fun with what you do.

The joy of solving problems and creating innovative solutions makes this field so rewarding.

Ivan Dagelić

Ivan's dedication to problem-solving, passion for creating intuitive applications, and continuous learning mindset make him an invaluable member of the Daytona team. His expertise and pragmatic approach will contribute to developing efficient and user-centric solutions. We are thrilled to have him on board!

Feel free to reach out to Ivan on X/Twitter @dagelicivan.

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