Bash Script

A bash script is a plain text file containing a sequence of commands for the Bash shell, a command-line interpreter included in many Unix-based systems. These scripts typically have a `.sh` extension and are used to automate tasks by running multiple commands in a sequence, simplifying repetitive actions or complex workflows. Bash scripts can encompass a variety of commands, from simple file operations to complex logic involving loops, conditionals, and variable manipulations.

In the context of setting up a remote development environment, a bash script can be immensely valuable. For instance, when provisioning a Linux server for development purposes, you might use a bash script to sequentially execute commands to install necessary software like Docker, set up SSH keys for secure connections, and configure security settings. This automation minimizes manual errors and saves time, making the onboarding process smoother, especially when dealing with environments on different machines. With Daytona, you can bring your own dotfiles, including bash scripts, to customize your environment to your liking.