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Daytona is leaping into the open source. It's a decision that feels akin to sending our beloved brainchild into the world, allowing it to grow beyond the confines of our aspirations.

We've nurtured Daytona with love and dedication. But the time has come for us to share our creation with the community that has been the backbone of our industry. Today marks not just another product release, but a heartfelt invitation to developers everywhere to join us in shaping Daytona's future.

Why Open Source?

The decision to go open source stems from a simple truth: innovation thrives in collaboration. By opening up Daytona's codebase, we're inviting developers to co-create the future of development environments with us. The tools that shape our digital world will no longer be confined behind proprietary walls. Instead, they will be shaped by the people who use them, in full view of the community that needs them.

Why Now?

Since Daytona's inception, our primary goal has been to address the challenges that enterprises encounter with their development environments. We have concentrated our efforts on enhancing code security, scaling and orchestrating environments efficiently, and streamlining the experience for developers when initiating development environments. We take pride in the significant progress we have made in these areas.

We recently began to wonder why this experience isn't shared by every developer across the globe. It's already 2024, yet setting up development environments still requires an average of at least 30 minutes and involves numerous steps. More often than not, developers encounter issues that impede their progress. We've discussed this in detail in a full article, which you can read here.

Our team quickly got to work. They skillfully extracted the core of Daytona, the development environment manager, and transformed it into a standalone binary that is now freely accessible for anyone to use.

Running 'daytona code' to start a workspace and VS Code with Daytona
Running 'daytona code' to start a workspace and VS Code with Daytona

But, What Does It Do?

Daytona is a radically simple open-source development environment manager. With Daytona, you need only to execute a single command `daytona create.`

Daytona automates the entire process: provisioning the instance, interpreting and applying the configuration, setting up prebuilds, establishing a secure VPN connection, securely connecting your local or a Web IDE, and assigning a fully qualified domain name to the development environment for easy sharing and collaboration.

While this is the alpha release, it represents the first step towards realizing our vision of a completely automated development environment.

As a developer, you can immediately start focusing on what matters most—your code.

What Can I Do With It?

Daytona can be downloaded and executed as a binary and you can just use it in your everyday life. Daytona is extendable by design, allowing you to create plugins that meet your specific needs. Moreover, it is genuinely open source under the Apache 2.0 license, providing you with unlimited freedom to modify and use Daytona as you see fit.

Promise of Open Source Project Sustainability

Daytona, the company, already generates revenue with an expanded product lineup that addresses orchestration, scalability, and security needs, catering to large enterprises while also focusing on enhancing the developers' experience.

Additionally, as previously noted, since Daytona is licensed under Apache 2.0, the community has the safeguard to create a fork should the project veer off course.

Join the Open Source Movement

We believe in a world where every developer can access the best tools, regardless of background or resources. By going open source, we're committing to that world. Whether you're an individual coder, part of a small startup, or leading a large enterprise team, Daytona is now your tool to shape as you see fit.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Contribute to the codebase, share your ideas, and help us build a tool that reflects the diverse needs of the global developer community.

Get Daytona from GitHub

Use, explore, clone, or fork Daytona, start contributing today, and don't forget to star the repository to stay updated!

Ready to Dive In?

Visit our GitHub repository (https://github.com/daytonaio/daytona) to start contributing today, sign up for our newsletter updates, and follow our voyage on social media.

The open source waters are warm, and the winds of change are favorable. Here's to the open source. Here's to Daytona—by developers, for developers.

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